Exterion Media
Creating interactive game solutions


Exterion Media wanted to create an interactive game to launch the new Wi-Fi service developed for the London underground, while also promoting their poster-advertising network, illustrating how the web and traditional advertising can be used to create engaging and interactive advertising campaigns.


The strategy was to design an interactive experience where users could play anywhere. We expected most users to start playing the game on mobile while on the underground and continue playing when they arrived at work on their desktop.

It was key the experience and the mechanic were the same as user switched between the full device spectrum. This presented many changes that required the team and I to design around; the client was heavily involved with our solution.

Our goal was to make the signup process simple, allowing users to play before signing-up. The key user personas had been identified and the platform was tailored for their needs, with us using the appropriate voice and tone to help engage users throughout the playing process.

The interactive experience was one of the most successful projects the agency I worked for had ever developed.


Creative Director

Project Name

Look for Longer


155,000 game entries in the first week
Shared in over 112 countries

Following the success of this project I designed a similar platform for the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, called “150 Brands”.