High quality household cleaning products


The e-cloth brand has been around several years and has its own very distinct style. They produce a high-quality household cleaning products. Offering customer products that require no cleaning chemicals to clean their home, they just use water with e-cloths. This has many added benefits, helping the environment and no longer needing to buy chemical to clean with.

The brief was to produce a site that is geared towards e-commerce, while showcasing their large array of products. Their aim was to roll out the site to other global partners with localisations, while maintaining their brand.


I worked closely with the client producing wireframes and click through prototypes keeping the process lean in the early stages, we also analysed their previous sites analytics to see where uses were dropping out.

I worked with the team to design a responsive website that looked great on mobile, tablet and desktop. I made sure the e-cloth brand was pulled through the entire showcasing their unique products.


Creative Director