Chelsea Challenge
Reinforing the history of Chelsea


Having been part of developing a strong working relationship with Chelsea FC, they saw the success we had created with the award-winning project “look for longer”. They were looking for a similar idea and asked what could be developed for their brand and how we will reinforce the history of Chelsea. The key to this campaign was to create a lot of interaction on their social media channels.


I design a cryptic image depicting past and present Chelsea players with the backdrop of the Chelsea stadium. The microsite needed to be responsive and we improved the platform that we had used for “look for longer”.

The game and image was so successful with the #ChelseaChallange, they commissioned a repeat of the project the following year, with a new image and new clues.


Creative Director

Project Name

Chelsea Challenge


20,000 visits in the first 4 days
500,000 guess made during the campaign