I’m Martin Gardner 
13 enjoyable years of experience and counting!

What I’m doing at the moment

I currently work in a start-up company as a Product Designer within the Product team based near London, dealing with some of the largest brands in the world, the NFL and NBA. I enjoy taking very broad conceptual ideas, sketching and design new flows and prototypes for the product. Equally it’s great to be involved in established products, and make small tweaks and iteration that enhances the end result.

My Previous Role 

As a Creative Director during these 3 years the agency shifted from digital product based development to digital marketing. I enjoyed this period of change and gained several skills, allowing me to interact with marketing and development. Bringing these departments together, we could combine analytical data, design and development.

My passion is product design, and working in a start-up has allowed me to find a high-energy environment where my creativity can thrive.

Having worked agency side for quite a few years it has given me a broad scope, dealing with many different sectors from large multinational companies and medium-sized businesses.

I’m competent in several different aspects of design and have a growing understanding in other areas of business. This is due to working in small teams and being involved in several areas that in turn has enabled me to increase my confidence and company knowledge.


I have been working in purely digital design for over 13 years. Working agency side for 10 years starting out as a developer in website and online game production, moving to managing a small team as a Design Manager, then promoted to Creative Director and finally as a Product Designer working at senior level.

Personal projects

My passion for sketching and digital painting is the way I choose to relax in my leisure time. I am continually learning about other aspects of design, such as, colour theory, character design, gesture drawing and composition to name but a few.

I always have a self-initiated project on the go, this is because I’m a self-starter, looking to ascertain, and develop skills and interests. The most recent example of this is the ‘Honey Dragon’ concept.


I was asked by Photoshop magazine to be interview about my work for a publication of their magazine in Australia. Pages from the feature can be found here.